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Moscow International Lighting Exhibition, Russia

Date: 2019-09-09 16:43:23    Views: 1752

Our factory participated in Moscow International Lighting Exhibition, booth No. 1B30 . Welcome new and old customers to visit and negotiate!

Exhibition time: 10 September 2019 - 13 September 2019

Location of exhibition: Russia-Moscow

Exhibition Industry: Lighting and Lighting

The scale of the exhibition: 30,000 square meters

Organizer: Frankfurt Exhibition Company


1. Lighting decoration: Pendant lamp, crystal lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lamp, table lamp, children"s eye protection lamp, mirror lamp, bathroom lamp, Christmas lamp, related accessories, etc.

2. Lighting technology: outdoor lighting, traffic lights, tunnel lights, office and administrative lighting, building and industrial lighting, emergency safety lighting, lighting accessories, etc.

3. Lighting lamps: incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp, projector lamp, high pressure lamp, metal halide lamp, LED lamp, OLED lamp, light illumination system, lamp accessories, etc.

4. Electrical engineering: cables, conductors, distribution systems and equipment, low-voltage equipment, medium-voltage equipment, ballasts, switches, power plugs and sockets, lighting safety systems, electronic and electrical systems, etc.

5. Lighting and Energy Management: Lighting Control Equipment, Building Automation, Monitoring System, Hazard Detection System, Acoustic and Electrical Equipment, Testing Equipment, Radio and Personal Call System, etc.

6. Lighting services: lighting design, lighting product recycling and reuse, relevant institutions, organizations, associations, media, etc.

The exhibition introduces Moscow International Lighting Exhibition - International Lighting and Technology Lighting Exhibition, supported by Light + Building - Global Brand Lighting Exhibition. It is a well-known lighting exhibition in Russia and CIS countries.

The concept of integrated planning for Moscow International Lighting and Lighting Fair provides a good opportunity to show the products related to lighting and construction industry. Since its inception, it has successfully held 20 sessions, and has maintained an upward trend. There are 731 exhibitors from 24 countries, and the satisfaction of exhibitors has been greatly improved. According to the statistics of Frankfurt Exhibition Company, the number of spectators reached 29,878.

market analysis

Russian Federation, referred to as Russia or Russia. Russia is located in the northern part of Eurasia, which spans two continents. Strong military and industrial base. Russia"s comprehensive economic strength has gradually increased, and its national comprehensive economic security index has improved. Russia has a large territory and developed heavy industry. Under the background of the slowdown of economic growth in the major developed countries in the world, the Russian economy still maintains a relatively rapid development momentum. Moscow, with a population of 170 million, is the largest country in Eastern Europe.

According to Russian Customs statistics, from January to September 2015, Russian imports and exports of goods amounted to $395.68 billion. Among them, exports amounted to $26.41 billion, imports amounted to $134.27 billion and trade surpluses amounted to $127.14 billion. From January to September 2015, Russia"s exports to China accounted for 8.2% of Russia"s total exports, accounting for $21.34 billion; imports from China accounted for 19% of Russia"s total imports, accounting for $25.5 billion.

At present, there are fewer lighting manufacturers in Russia, and their production capacity is relatively low. The technology development and fashion trend of products are far from meeting the needs of the Russian market. In the Russian lighting market, most of the high-quality and innovative lighting solutions are imported products. Accompanied with the implementation of the government"s energy-saving plan, the market acceptance of energy-saving lighting products is also growing. As an emerging market of lighting, although the various mechanisms of Russian market are not very mature and perfect, there are relatively many opportunities, which is very suitable for the development of China"s emerging lighting export enterprises.