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What lighting modes do workshop lighting have?

Date: 2019-08-30 06:20:19    Views: 1704

Workshop lighting can be divided into local lighting, general lighting and mixed lighting according to different ways of lighting. It is not a simple matter to choose lamps and lanterns. Now let"s get to know it with the new star lighting.

According to the area and height of the factory, the height of the workshop is 4-15 meters. The traditional high-pressure sodium lamp used to be chosen. Now most of them are led industrial and mining lamp and high-power industrial and mining lamp. The overall brightness and irradiation time are more advantageous than traditional light source.

The lighting requirement of workshop is higher than the illumination of light source. If the height is 15 meters, the gas discharge lamp hanging should be fixed on the roof truss. Spotlight can be installed around to ensure its illumination brightness. Generally, led industrial and mining lamps can be used as the main light source at the height of 4-6 meters. Illumination requirements can be selected according to the brightness requirements of the factory.

The cheap and bright use of LED lights in workshop lighting is no longer a gimmick of sellers"propaganda. The discovery of this material proves this statement very well. The new industry development trend is inseparable from perovskite, a new material of organic metal halide. It will be very easy to popularize the application of LED in workshop lighting. There are T8 and T5 types of New Star Lighting LED lamps. The so-called different models are mainly the difference of pipe diameter. The bracket lamp is also called integrated lamp now. It is more convenient to install the integrated lamp than a single cover.

Comparing with other workshop lighting products, where are the main advantages of New Star Lighting LED lamp tubes? The following edition will take you to analyze:

1. Complete models of lamps

There are not only single tube but also integrated lamp tube. T8 single tube integrated T8 and T5 lamp tubes have sizes of 0.3m, 0.6m, 0.9m and 1.2m.

2. Shape packing safety

LED lamp tubes are packaged in hard paper cylinder. According to customer service after-sales tracking, the breakage rate of LED lamp tubes has been reduced to less than 5%, which can minimize the breakage rate and timely reissue the damaged lamp tubes along the road.

3. Guarantee after sale

LED lamp manufacturer Nova lighting, in-store product quality assurance for 2 years. Path damage photo to customer service, as soon as possible to reissue treatment, within three years, any product quality problems are related to customer service treatment, enhance customer experience.