LED Street Light

Product Advantage

·A higher light efficiency

·The light is stronger

·Energy conservation better

Description Of Products

Efficient heat dissipation performance, imported packaging technology;

Using the constant power drive power, have dimmer function interface,

power output regulation between 0 ~ 100%;

Connect the city lighting intelligent control system,

it can realize the remote intelligent control;

Using high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material appearance.

No electromagnetic radiation, no pollution, no ultraviolet ray;

Novel appearance, beautiful and easy, has advantages of energy-saving,

environmental protection, long service life, many national patents.

Application Places

It is mainly used for urban expressway and main road"s auxiliary road,

The pavement,Secondary trunk road,branch road,factory,School,road lighting, etc.

Product Parameters

Model L W H Power
A 280 237 79 30W-60W
B 330 237 79 80W-120W
C 440 237 79 120W-180W
D 535 237 79 160W-240W
E 640 237 79 250W

Model Input Voltage Chip Brand Efficiency PF CRI Color Temperature Temperature Life
AC100-277V PHILIPS/SAN AN 130-150lm/W >0.95 ≥70 3000-5000K
-40℃~50℃ >30000h